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The size of the list is controlled by the OlM instruction in line 20. You can change it. 52 Note that the screen goes blank while sorting is going on inside your APPLE so you must be patient. The more names to sort, the Ion ger it takes. Of course, you can change names to other categories such as items, products, units, etc. You will have to enter 100 names as the program is written. If you wish to enter a smaller quantity of names at one time, add this line 45 to the program: 45 IF M$(L) "X" THEN GOTO 60 Une 45 uses the letter X, when typed in response to the NAME query, to force an exit from the entry cycle.

Another word will be "trapped" out. ";A$ IF LEFT$(A$,l)=IY"THEN 100 IF LEFT$(A$,l)=IN"THEN 200 PRINT"YOU MAY ANSWER Y OR N OR YES OR NO" 50 100 110 200 210 GOTO 10 PRINT "YES" END PRINT I I NO" END 30 Categorizing A large quantity of numbers can be categorized and thereby cut down into a smaller quantity of numbers. See our example: it takes test scores and divides them into ranges labeled A, B, C, D, and F. The program assumes exam or test scores in a range of zero to 100. The letter grades include zero to 59, F; 60-69, D; 71-79, C; 80-89, B; 90-100, A.

The N value in line 20 sets the actual number of repeat rings. ) The L value in line 40 establishes the time delay between rings. To insert more time, increase the number 100 in line 40. To shorten the time between beeps, lower the number 100 in line 40. search for data, to create a Q&A. We put DATA in lines 20-130. It could be anywhere in the prograrn. For instance, at the end at lines 400-510. The computer sees two items in each data IIne. Pro· gram lines 140 and 160 force the machine to take only odd·numbered data from the list.

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