New PDF release: A big-enough God : artful theology

By Sara Maitland

ISBN-10: 026467331X

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Big-Enough God is a ebook by way of Sara Maitland.

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And, in Britain, this is inextricably entangled in the whole issue of class and conservatism which we as a nation have never been able to address. An established and national church, by its nature; cannot be a big-enough church. Liberal rationalism, an almost inevitable consequence of establishment in a multifaith secular society, cannot generate a big-enough theological base. Particularly I would say white, colonialist, male, liberal rationalism, which proceeds from a premise of normativeness; that has a historic trust in its own good sense and reasonableness.

If we want God to reveal her Fatherhood we must be willing to be children and join a game of dice which Einstein denied God played; a game of chance which the poets know she plays. She is Father in relation to the tradition. In relation to my tradition. I do not want to stand alone before my God, I am too fearful of the worldly Fathers, too timid and too well-taught. I am dependent on solidarity, in Christ and in the communion of the saints. I want to stand with all my sisters in the faith throughout history.

Instinctively I wanted to begin this book with a quotation from Psalm 131. Lord, I am not high-minded: I have no proud looks; I do not exercise myself in great matters which are too high for me. Truly I have set my soul in silence and peace; as a weaned child on its mother’s breast so even is my soul. Unlike St Teresa and Elizabeth Tudor and countless other women who used this technique, or write under male noms de plume or found other, similar, cover-ups for their own temerity for real and material reasons of oppression, I am a daughter of feminism; I know for a certainty that my impulse to apologize is internal.

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