A College Companion: Based on Hans Oerberg's Latine Disco, by Jeanne Marie Neumann; Hans H. Ørberg; PDF

By Jeanne Marie Neumann; Hans H. Ørberg;

ISBN-10: 1585101915

ISBN-13: 9781585101917

This name offers a operating outline/commentary at the Latin grammar lined in booklet 1 of Lingua Latina (Familia Romana), and contains the entire textual content of the Ørberg ancillaries Grammatica Latina and Latin-English Vocabulary. It additionally replaces the scholar consultant, Latine Disco. The ebook is designed specially for students who method Lingua Latina at an speeded up speed. The Exercitia should still be used as an extra resource of routines.

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Adjectives which end in -en never get an extra -e. De dronken student The drunken student. 3 Spelling You may have to change the spelling of the adjective if you add an -e. 5: De oven is heet. / De hete oven. Dat boek is stom. / Het stomme boek. The hot oven. The stupid book. 4 Use Adjectives are used to describe nouns, and can give extra information about appearance, quality, mood, physicality, etc. You can use as many adjectives together as you like. The rule for adding an -e (or not) applies to all of them: Dit is mijn grote, sterke broer.

G. 0,25 nul komma vijfentwintig a b c d e f g 0,13 6,22 32,05 0,0 3/4 5/6 2/3 Exercise 3J Change these English numbers as you would write them in Dutch. g. 17 Exercise 3K What’s the temperature? Write sentences about the temperatures in the chart. If there is more than one possibility, write both options. Amsterdam Londen Athene Bonn Moskou 5° 9° 19° 1° –8° Exercise 3L Where are they going to? Use the graph to write sentences in Dutch about the holiday destinations of the Dutch last year. Unit 3 Numbers 47 NB If the subject of the sentence is a percentage you use the singular form of the verb, unlike in English.

Comparatives are formed by adding -er to adjectives; superlatives by adding -st. For positive direct comparisons, use dan: Ik ben slimmer dan mijn zus. I am smarter than my sister. For negative direct comparisons, use minder ... dan ... less ... , or niet zo ... als ... not as ... as ... CC Most Dutch nouns are made plural by adding -en, -s or -’s. CC Diminutives end in -je in Dutch. 1 Numbers: one, two, three Numbers like one, two, three, 25, 99, etc. are called ‘cardinal numbers’. 1 Numbers 0–30 Here are the cardinal numbers in Dutch up to 30.

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A College Companion: Based on Hans Oerberg's Latine Disco, with Vocabulary and Grammar by Jeanne Marie Neumann; Hans H. Ørberg;

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