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A common-sense consultant to Grammar and utilization is simply what its identify indicates: a simple, student-friendly grammar consultant. The text’s modular classes holiday down complicated grammatical suggestions with plain-language causes, convenient suggestions, and visible examples that exhibit — instead of simply inform — scholars how you can realize, right, and discover ways to steer clear of mistakes in grammar. With enormous quantities of routines within the e-book and millions extra on hand on-line at no cost at workout critical, scholars get abundant perform discovering and solving mistakes of their writing. The textual content additionally contains writing insurance and short documentation courses for MLA and APA, making it an invaluable reference for various collage classes.

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When two independent clauses are joined with just a comma (without a coordinating conjunction like and, but, or), the error is called a comma splice. In both cases, the writer confuses the reader by failing to correctly signal the separation between two complete ideas. In the following examples, notice how the clauses are separated by noth­ ing at all or by just a comma. INDEPENDeNT CLAUSE INDEPENDENT CLAUSE Fused Sentence: 7 I went to the store it was closed. Problem: Nothing separates the two clauses.

Find the fragments by using the I Realize Tip. Write OK above each complete sentence. Write frag above each fragment and identify which of the three types it is: renamer, adverb, or -ing fragment. Correct the fragment by combin­ ing it with the complete sentence next to it. indd 25 8/29/11 10:41 AM Lesson 1 frag 26 Unit One: Understanding the Basic Sentence is a renamer or an -ing fragment. ) Example: A few years ago, there was only one kind of eating apple that you could buy. The Red Delicious.

Indd 2 8/29/11 10:41 AM Grammar without Tears 3 subject predicate The children laughed. In the sentence above, the subject the children performs the action described in the predicate — ​laughing. In action-verb sentences, this pattern of actor (subject) + action (predicate) is the norm. If a linking verb is used, however, everything is different. The subject no longer performs an action because there is no action to perform. Instead, the subject is the topic of the sentence and the predicate gives information about that topic.

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