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By William Bechtel, George Graham

ISBN-10: 0631218513

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Unequalled within the caliber of its world-renowned members, this multidisciplinary significant other serves as either a direction textual content and a reference booklet around the large spectrum of problems with trouble to cognitive technological know-how.

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It is a guide to one of the most important scientific developments of the end of the twentieth century: multidisciplinary cognitive science. The expression cognitive science is used to describe a broadly integrated class of approaches to the study of mental activities and processes and of cognition in particular. Cognitive science is broad not just in the sense of encompassing disciplines as varied as neuroscience, cognitive psychology, philosophy, linguistics, computer science, and anthropology, but also in the sense that cognitive scientists tend to adopt certain basic, general assumptions about mind and intelligent thought and behavior.

In 1854, the English mathematician George Boole had taken a major step in developing this idea in a book called The Laws of Thought. Boole formulated several operations that could be performed on sets. He also showed that these operations correspond to logical operators (and, or, not) which could be applied to propositions. He suggested that the laws governing these operations could serve as laws of thought. The switches that Shannon had devised in the late 1930s performed these basic Boolean operations, with the resulting state of the switches (on or off) corresponding to the truth values of the proposition (true or false).

Its character is open to theoretical refinement and empirical revision. Much attention has also been paid to designing a book that is as comprehensive as possible in its depiction of cognitive science, but also as reader-accessible and learner-friendly as a guide to a science under construction can be. It is meant to provide a coherent view of a broad scientific terrain, offering different points of entry for different sorts of readers to aspects of cognitive science. How to Read This Book The Companion's six parts serve distinct if related purposes.

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