A Future for Everyone: Innovative Social Responsibility and by Maurrasse PDF

By Maurrasse

ISBN-10: 0415944538

ISBN-13: 9780415944533

The unique essays during this well timed assortment talk about the numerous how one can foster cutting edge and exceptional collaborations resulting in more desirable partnerships among significant associations and firms to bad and disenfranchised groups. a lot of ultra-modern urgent concerns are coated in-depth: bridging the electronic divide; neighborhood reinvestment; college and company partnerships; and company accountability.

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Dependence on financing from companies in the very sector an academic institution is set up to research gives the appearance of a stacked deck. N. Global Compact, multistakeholder partnerships, the declining, but still powerful role of government, NGO pressure, socially responsible investing, and finally the intellectual development of the field. There are many other issues that are not included here that fall under the heading of international trends in SRB, including trade, transparency, tobacco, and corporate reporting, among others.

To the contrary, this is a criticism of how individuals on both sides of the public/private divide are trapped within a specific field of logic, have engendered a habitus of bifurcated professional responsibilities, and continue to reproduce this habitus through daily activities and choices that acculturate them to the idea that social responsibility and individual interests are mutually exclusive obligations that rest in one particular sector or another. What is needed is an understanding of how to recast collectively and relearn social responsibility as a personal commitment and not a product of one’s type of work.

Only when the Canadian government ignored Bayers patent and asked a Toronto company to supply 1 million Cipro pills did the company, the sole patent holder of the drug, insist it could meet the government’s needs. Bayer offered Cipro to the United States at its usual government price. The United States demanded it at about half that price. Again, Bayer failed to grasp the exceptional stakes involved and held too tightly to a blind faith in the right to profit regardless of the circumstance. Thompson, went to the press and threatened to violate Bayer’s patent if the company did not come around.

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