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A Grammar of Miya describes a language of the Chadic kinfolk spoken in Northern Nigeria. this is often the 1st documentation of Miya other than note lists. The grammar describes all features of the language. Of specific typological curiosity are the tone procedure, a "terraced point" process within which tone operates over multi-syllabic domain names, and observe order, that is VXS in lots of contexts.

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E. the syllable IS pronounced on a single tone. Miya has no I *kiibns" [ contour • 1 *tones 'b ':b TONE LEVELNG thus prevents pronunciations such as _, - or a ,r ,r [- '. 1 whi h ld h ' . 9 -, C wou ot erwlse be predicted by the associatl'on patt . b .. ern gIven a ove. 8Verbs of the "H H" an d "H L" classes comprise two furth 1 I . H-X tone patterns (4'§§12 3 2 3) H H b I e r arge c asses of words descnbed as having • . - . ver c ass gerunds (4'§2 2 1) h . a H-H nouns e g b'tak" ' t ' , • d' .

With the initial domain of gooroo, but for consistent treatment of J.. 1) have a floating L. Compare the phonetic forms of the following Hortative and Imperative verbs with the Toneless and H objects, zhaaka 'donkey' and mid, 'castrated goat' respectIvely: Sg. Imper. 57 l ___ --l The derivation of g6oroo 'kola' reverses the H-L citation pattern to give L_H,2I thus removing the potential environment for LOW RAISING of the next low syllable, kim. The tone kiln would not have been affected by a preceding L in any case.

2. Tone marking system. Rather than providing each syllable with a tone mark, as is the normal practice in Chadic linguistics aud much otber work in African languages, I use an adaptation of a system of tone marking wbicb dates to at least Cbristaller (1875, 1933) (cf. g. Lukas (1937) for Kanuri. In tbe United States it bas been used at least by Welmers and Welmers (l968a, 1968b) for Igbo. In tbis tone marking system, only the first tone of a tonal domain receives a diacritic, witb tbe next diacritic indicating a change in tone.

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