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The e-book is the 1st enormous description of Tundra Nenets, a Uralic language spoken in Western Siberia and the north of ecu Russia. It offers an enduring piece of documentation of this hugely endangered language. For a language as little researched as Nenets, any point of grammar might end up to be of strength importance for the sector of linguistics and switch out to be theoretically not easy.

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2SG)’. In this grammar the basic form of grammatical morphemes is only represented with the ə variant, but the reader should assume that their allomorphs may contain ° due to regular reduction. In some cases, however, the reduced ° appears in an odd non-final syllable, where it may stand in phonological contrast with ə, and is therefore treated as a distinct phoneme by Salminen (1997). For instance, ° can appear in vowel sequences and after glides in the third syllable as in səwa-xəna ‘good (LOC)’ vs.

Səwa yer ‘the very centre (of)’. There are a few unique noun-like morphemes which only exist in a bound form as parts of compounds; on them see Salminen (1998a: 19–20). e. in prior work on the language) called ‘destinative’ or ‘predestinative’. The latter expresses a TAM-like category in the possessive noun phrase. In the predicative function nouns take subject agreement, largely identical to that found in the verbal subject paradigm, as well as past tense, identical to verbal tense. g. 2), and productively derive non-finite forms, which predicative nouns do not have.

Stem-final consonants can be -b, -r, -m and -l. 2). 2, there are also t/d- and s-final stems that show neutralization: the stem-final consonant alternates with q before a consonant or in the prepausal position, so the two stem types only contrast before a vowel. Similarly, nand ŋ-final stems only contrast before a vowel because of the change n ŋ > h or Ø. g. LOC). Salminen (1997: 78) illustrates the difference between the three types of nasal-final stems which show neutralization in the basic nominative singular form in the following way: NOM SG NOM PL ACC PL ‘dog’ ‘mouth’ ‘blanket’ weh wen°q weno nʹah nʹa°q nʹaŋo toh toy°q toyo 24 Phonology Similar stem types occur in verbs, except that ŋ-final verbs do not exist.

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