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While ostensibly agreeing with Lord Denning, said the contract came to an end because the imprisonment made it impossible to continue the employment. In a sense, this amounted to saying the contract was frustrated, as it echoed the definition of frustration given by the House of Lords in Davis Contractors Ltd. v. Fareham UDC (above, p. 40). Despite Hare v. Murphy Bros Ltd, tribunals still sometimes doubt whether imprisonment can ever frustrate a contract. In Norris v. Southampton City Council ([1982] IRLR 141), the EAT held it could not, saying that the majority of the Court of Appeal in Hare v.

Warwickshire County Council above. 33 gives a woman the right to return to work after having a baby, so long as certain conditions are satisfied. All weeks of maternity absence, where that right is exercised, count under Sch. 13, para. 10. Dismissed and Reinstatement If an employee is dismissed for redundancy, but is re-employed under Who Is Covered by the Legislation? 84(1) (see page 68) he will be treated as having been continuously employed during the interval (para. 11(2)). 19761660). g. for unfair dismissal purposes) (para.

V. Boon & Milton- [1979) IRLR 19), nor is a Dismissal 27 warning that dismissal will occur on or before a specified date (Burton Group Ltd v. Smith- [1977] IRLR 351); because in neither case could the precise termination date be ascertained. Even if the date of closure of a factory is specified, it may still not be clear when the employment contract is to end. In International Computers Ltd v. Kennedy ([1981] IRLR 28), the date of closure of the factory was announced, but it was not clear how the closure would affect the individuals' contracts of employment.

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