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By Thomas Schirrmacher and Kathleen "Wally" McCall

ISBN-10: 3928936689

ISBN-13: 9783928936682

Ancient Spots in California (three volumes in a single)

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By advocating that certain preferential economic policies be legislated and enforced by the civil magistrate, he puts himself at odds with the Biblical view of the state and its proper limits. Dr. 29 We would certainly agree, but add that only God has the right to abridge the right of private property by prescribing the qualifications upon it through His revealed Word — not by human speculation or the application of abstract principles. Moreover, those qualifications or limits upon the right of private property may be enforced by the punitive power of the state only where God so authorizes.

17 Unfortunately Dr. Sider has not been careful to do so. ”19 Dr. Sider is pressing for more than charity or grace. He is blunt that certain social policies preferential to the poor are a matter of justice — to be made a right which the state enforces with its awesome power to punish. Note the stress upon “justice” in this passage: God wills prosperity with justice. But that does not mean that wealthy persons who make Christmas baskets and give to relief have satisfied God’s demand. God wills justice for the poor.

It is a Christian virtue not to turn away those who would borrow from us (Matthew 5:42), expecting nothing in return (Luke 6:35). In such a case, it would be immoral to profit from your brother’s distress: the loan may not carry interest charges. God Himself will pay back such a good deed (Proverbs 19:17), whereas the violation of this command from God will lead you to lose your financial gain to someone else more gracious (Proverbs 28:8). Fourth, the law of God also provides for the poor through the favorable social arrangement of requiring us to allow gleaning 41 A Festschrift for Colonel Doner (Leviticus 19:9-10; 23:22; Deuteronomy 24:19-20).

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A Life of Transformation From Politician to Good Samaritan by Thomas Schirrmacher and Kathleen "Wally" McCall

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