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They did nothing to change the acts of the second New Deal - the Wagner Act, the Social Security Act and the Soil Conservation Act . Simply by threatening to appoint new judges who agreed with him, Roosevelt had succeeded in overcoming the opposition of the Supreme Court . Roosevelt's threat to pack the Supreme Court with new judges was very unpopular . Many people accused him of wanting to rule America as a dictator . He became even more unpopular when a series of strikes and labour disputes broke out in 1 937 .

But the violence and disruption involved in the strikes added to Roose­ velt's unpopularity in 1 937 . A new depression During 1 937 Roosevelt cut back the amount of money the federal government was spending. He did not want America to get into debt, and he believed that the state governments were able to deal with the problems of the Depression without more help from the federal government . Unfortunately this cut in spending came at the same time as a decline in world trade . Unemployment suddenly shot up to 1 0 .

They stated that Americans must not trade with or give financial help to any country at war. The Cash and Carry Plan In September 1 939 the Second World War began . In Europe, Britain and France got ready to fight Germany . Roosevelt feared that if Germany defeated France and Britain, then other countries , including America, might come under attack. He therefore asked Congress to change the neutrality laws so that America could give help to Britain and France . In November 1 939 Congress agreed to a new scheme called the Cash and Carry Plan .

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