A Salty Piece of Land by Jimmy Buffett PDF

By Jimmy Buffett

ISBN-10: 031601429X

ISBN-13: 9780316014298

'A Salty Piece of Land' is the story of cowboy Tully Mars's unbelievable adventures as he visits the lighthouse on Cayo Loco, a tropical island that isn't on any map - the correct position to run clear of your whole difficulties.

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Twain; rubbed the wooden gecko around my neck for good luck; and never looked back. I was taking my pony to the shore. ” The only problem with that thought is, I had not met Cleopatra before I went out on the ocean for the first time in a boat. So back then, all I had were my good-luck charms—the gecko Johnny Red Dust had given me, my conch shell, and a painting that Captain Kirk Patterson had let me hang on the bulkhead of the pilothouse for good luck on our journey to paradise, after he heard the story of how I had found it.

She also has a taste for Cuban cigars. She dines on fish, rice, and tropical fruits, and a collection of potions, teas, and elixirs keep her biorhythms, brain, and sense of humor humming. She cusses like the sailor that she is, and she is rabidly addicted to Cuban baseball. Though she says she has a few good years left in her, Cleopatra is on a most urgent mission, and that is where I come in. I am here to rebuild the lighthouse as her final resting place while she continues her search for an original Fresnel lens, which was the light source for this and many other old lighthouses.

I guess all that beauty and precision seemed way too complicated for the twentieth century,” I said. “You would have thought that such a thing of beauty would wind up in a museum, but not here. They severed the base with a blowtorch, shoved it out the window, and just let gravity finish the job. ” Cleopatra let out a big sigh. “That is what replaced it,” she said, pointing at the present light source. “In a modern world, there is just no time for hand-pumping kerosene or winding a clock. ” As we wound our way down the steps and finally out of the dark interior of the lighthouse, Cleopatra also wound me around her finger.

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