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2 Possessive classifiers In addition to noting a possessive relationship between an object and a possessor, a Satawalese classifier conveys the quality of the possessed object. 4. Chuukic languages are known for their abundance of possessive classifiers. There are likely many more possessive classifiers in Satawalese that future investigations will surely find. , waei waa ! ’ 47 Table 9. Possessive classifiers pers “precious” items general vehicular sitting and lying 1s naei konak ‘my dog’ aei terat ‘my light bulb’ waei waa ‘my canoe’ neniei chia ‘my chair’ 2s noaum konak ‘your dog’ aemi terat ‘your light bulb’ woam waa ‘your canoe’ neniemw chia ‘your chair’ 3s naiun mwane ‘his/her son’ ane terat ‘his/her light bulb’ wane stosa ‘his/her car’ nenien chia ‘his/her chair’ 1p naiurh konak ‘our dog’ arh terat ‘our bulb’ warh stosa ‘our car’ nenierh chia ‘our chair’ naiumaem konak ‘our dog’ amaem terat ‘our bulb’ waramaem stosa ‘our car’ nenimaem chia ‘our chair’ 2p naimi konak ‘your dog’ aemi terat ‘your light blub’ wami stosa ‘your car’ neniemi chia ‘your chair’ 3p naiur mwane ‘their son’ ar konok ‘their clock’ war waa ‘their canoe’ nenier chia ‘their chair’ (incl) 1p (excl) The order of noun and modifying possessive is fixed in some cases.

Nouns combine with other parts of speech to form noun phrases. Determiners are words used with nouns to mark definiteness, number, and to convey specificity: Table 8. Determiners in Satawalese ke ‘the’ aet rhoapwut ke – ‘the girl’ kewe ‘the’ (plural) waa kewe – ‘the canoes’ ssow, townap ‘many’ aemweoi ‘some’ oanongan ‘all’ e ssow mesemesaen stoosa ‘there are many types of cars’ e townap aei niu ‘I have many coconuts’ aemweoi mwongo e ikin townap faipeorh reen ‘some foods have a lot of fiber in them’ oanongan rhan pwuupwu kewe nge re noa neset ‘all streams flow to the ocean’ Parts of speech in noun phrases are ordered as follows: noun (adjective(s)) (determiner) Pwaeipwai mmarh temoag kkewe ‘the large ripe papayas’ Indefinite nouns are not marked in Satawalese.

The graphemes used to represent consonant sounds in all six systems are practically identical. Some vowel representations are different, as are some of the diacritical marks for particular vowels. Using IPA, I created a sound-to-letter correspondence for all six in Table 6 below. 36 Table 6. 2 The origin of Satawalese orthography I asked language consultants when and how Satawalese writing developed on Satawal. Though I was unable to determine exact dates, it appears likely that a writing system was devised by residents soon after the arrival of the Chuukese Bible on Satawal.

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