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By Oliver Davis

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This wide-ranging learn appears at how the getting older procedure has alternately been figured in and excluded from twentieth-century French literature, philosophy and psychoanalysis. It espouses a severe interdisciplinarity and calls into query the assumptions underlying a lot learn into getting older within the social sciences, paintings within which the risks of ageing are virtually always suppressed. It bargains an enormous reappraisal of Simone de Beauvoir's nice yet missed past due treatise, los angeles Vieillesse, and offers the 1st big dialogue of a misplaced documentary movie approximately outdated age within which Beauvoir seems to be and which she helped to put in writing, prom AU will pay DE los angeles VIEILLESSE. wondering Beauvoir's personal relatively reductive examining of Gide's paintings on outdated age, this research analyses the way his magazine and Ainsi soit-il test with more than a few representational versions for the senescent topic. The stumble upon among psychoanalysis and aging is framed through a examining of Violette Leduc's autobiographical trilogy, during which she means that psychoanalysis, to its detriment, easily can't enable growing old to suggest. This declare is verified in a severe survey of modern theoretical and scientific paintings by way of psychoanalysts drawn to growing older in France, the united kingdom and the USA. finally, Herv? Guibert's lately republished photo-novel approximately his aged great-aunts, Suzanne et Louise, is tested as a piece of intergenerational empathy and is located, additionally, to be a tremendous assertion of his photographic aesthetic. Navigating among the extremes of fury ('age rage') and serene reputation ('going gently'), this examine goals all through to check the position which getting old performs in formal, in addition to thematic, phrases in writing the lifetime of the topic.

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58 The aim here is to look at a wider range of texts engaging with the topic of ageing, many of which have hitherto failed to attract the attention they deserve. What little work has been done on the meaning of ageing in culture has hitherto been led by social scientists (sociologists, psychologists and gerontologists). Most are united in the belief that Western societies are inherently ‘ageist’ and that their work as researchers must undermine the pervasive ‘negative stereotypes’ of older people which, collectively, are thought to constitute the social evil of ageism.

40 André Gorz, ‘Le Vieillissement’, Les Temps modernes, no. 187 (December 1961), 638-65, and no. 188 (January 1962), 829-52. 41 See Beauvoir, La Force des choses (Paris: Gallimard, 1963), II, p. 445. 42 Gorz, Les Temps modernes, no. 187, p. 639. , p. 641. Beauvoir’s La Vieillesse 49 Gender One might have expected that the author of the Le Deuxième Sexe would be particularly interested, in La Vieillesse, in the situation of older women. Indeed one might have expected that Beauvoir would expand and problematize the brief and rather negative portrayal of the older woman which forms Chapter Nine of the second part of her earlier work.

80. Yet old age, for Beauvoir, is precisely when the Cartesian delusion of the self’s independence from the failing body is most intense. There is no evidence in La Vieillesse for Beauvoir’s espousal of the sort of reading of selfknowledge off the body which Song describes. Song argues later that ‘Beauvoir reverses the negation which Cartesian rationalism attempts to deal to the status of the body by making the body, with its real and/or potential infirmities, the defining influence in psychic experience’ (p.

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