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Официальный рекламный проспект В/О Автоэкспорт, посвященный автомобилю Автомобильного завода имени Ленинского Комсомола (АЗЛК) Aleko-141 (Москвич-2141).

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Duchnovi, The History of the Eparchy of Prjalev, trans. by Athanasius Pekar Rome, 1971; Ana/ecta OSBM, ser. 2, sec. 1; Opera, vol. 25; Basilius Athanasius Pekar, De erectione canonica eparchiae Mukaéoviensis a. 1771 Rome, 1956; Ana/ecta OSBM. ser. 2, sec. 7; and Eduard Winter, "Die Kampfe der Ukrainer Oberungarns um eine nationale Hierarchie im theresia nischen Alter. Nach vatikanischen Quellen," Kynios Konigsberg and Berlin, 11 1939-40, pp. 129-41. 12 A systematic history of the liturgy of the Ukrainian Catholic Uniate church is yet to be written.

32 Si lc dit Curé était un grassatcur, comme l’écrit le nommC, on dcvait s’cn saisir pour Ic faire juger par Ia jurisdiction compétente scion les lois; s’[il] ne l’était pas, pourquoi lc nommcr ainsi? 42 Chaque coupable a droit de s’cxpliquer sun cc qu’on lui objecte, or l’ordon nance de Mr Lomkau ne fait pas voir qu’on l’ait cite, ou entcndu. k. J’ai eté interrogé dc ! Sa Majesté, si cela avait été arrivé déjà sous Son règne, ct si je connait Mt le Chancelier de Wrbna;que je le Lui donne par écnit.

Min strels have not been studied extensively. For various theoretical reasons, beginning with the belief that oral poets were merely illiterate, and sometimes inept, performers of written masterpieces created by someone else, the biographies of minstrels have not been recorded frequently or at great length. The data that are available, however, consistently indicate that real minstrels are seldom actually blind. Because the causal connection between blindness and poetic talent was a widely held hypothesis at the time they began their field work in Yugo slavia, Parry and Lord sought out blind singers.

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