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By A. B. Bosworth, E. J. Baynham

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Вокруг имени Александра Македонского сложилось множество легенд. Эта работа представляет собой подборку исследований крупных западных историков, в которых производится попытка отделить правду от вымысла.

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231; Cohen 1963: 145–6. Gómara (Simpson 1965: 99) described the decapitation of two horses at a slightly earlier juncture; Díaz may be deliberately setting the record straight, and takes pains to identify the rider, Pedro de Moron, who died of his wounds after the battle. 53 Conveniently translated in Leon-Portilla 1962: 74–6. There are gruesome 38 Brian Bosworth There could not be a more telling description of the effect of finely honed Toledo steel upon human flesh, and it is not surprising that the Spanish sources do not dwell on the details of the carnage.

However, there was much that was completely new, that could not be accommodated to traditional beliefs and prejudices. In the literature of the Spanish conquest the most moving expression of wonder is Bernal Díaz’ panegyric over the marvels of Tenochtitlan. The city on the water with its great pyramids was almost the stuff of fairy-tales, ‘like an enchanted vision from the tale of Amadis . . ’ Díaz proceeds to a rapturous description of the palaces of stone and cedar wood, the fragrant orchards and rose gardens, the birds of all breeds and varieties.

Perhaps the closest analogy to Díaz’ outpouring is the description which Onesicritus gave of the realm of Musicanus, an Indian prince who held sway on the middle Indus, in the vicinity of the modern town of Alor. Musicanus was slow to submit to Alexander, but once he did so, admitting his error (‘the most potent method with 65 Pagden 1986: 326–7, 445. Díaz, ch. 87: Maudslay ii. 37–8; Cohen 1963: 214–15. There are some pertinent remarks in Greenblatt 1991: 132–4, who argues that it was the very act of destruction which gave the Spaniards possession of their empire; it transferred them from the imaginary to reality.

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