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Thus, the main non-produetive activity conditioning a produetive process, shaped by gathering and hunting, appears to be permanent migration. This fact allows us to single out migration as the main concrete from assumed by the first function of politics during the savage period. e. the realization of the reproduetive process, was mainly dependent on the performance of this concrete form of politics. Of course, politics was not a conscious concern for the savage man. For him, migration was an activity as 'natural' as gathering and/or hunting.

This is not to say, however, that a serutiny of the means used by the state is a sheer deseriptive exercise irrelevant to its theoretical analysis. On the contrary, there is a lot to be learned by a study of these means. An accurate classification of the means may reveal the fields where the state interferes more readily. An ordering of the means according to their effectiveness may furnish us with a precise measure of the limits of state interference in specific epochs. Finally, the level of development of state means may indicate the prevalent mode of produetion, the nature of the dominant class, and consequently, the particular type of state that faces us.

To be able to supply the first elements of an answer to the question beginning with 'how', we must now consider generally the means, the styles, the mechanisms, and the forms used by the state in the performance of its basic functions. To cope with its social tasks the state has intruded in ali spheres of social life. It necessarily intervenes in produetive activity, in the management of social affairs, in the resolution of conflicts, in the organization of defence, in the definition of social rules of behaviour, in the enforcement of these rules (including its own decisions), in ideological matters, and so on.

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