Animal Habitats by Julie Lundgren PDF

By Julie Lundgren

ISBN-10: 1617417327

ISBN-13: 9781617417320

Early Readers know about diversified Animal Habitats.

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Hydrostatic pressure: Humans can’t dive deeper than about 400 feet the measure of the pressure at (120 meters) without a special suit, because our a given depth underwater. lungs just can’t move air properly at that depth. And even with special suits, humans can’t dive below about 2,000 feet (600 meters) unless they are inside a special vehicle. Otherwise you’d be squished as flat as a pancake. 53 CHAPTER 5 Ocean Navigators F or thousands of years, people have used the day and night sky to navigate the oceans.

Scientists are studying the ocean where the dust lands to see what effects a 5-foot open rubber raft with only it has on the food chain where the plankton four containers of water and a small blooms grow. About 500 million tons of bag of food. They figured they could dust gets blown off the Sahara and over last for up to 20 days with their stored the oceans each year, adding nutrients and even metals that are common on land but food if they collected rainwater, and scarce in the water. they felt confident that they’d be rescued by then.

Many people who have been lost at sea have been able to catch flying fish by shining a light at night and just letting the fish jump right into their raft. Others found that flying fish also tended to school and jump out of the water on very cloudy days, or when a storm is approaching. TRY THIS: MAKE A SIMPLE DIP NET Dip nets are easy to make and great for scooping up small fish, tadpoles, and frogs. You’ll need a wire coat hanger, an old pair of panty hose, scissors, a needle and thread, a stick, and some duct tape.

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Animal Habitats by Julie Lundgren

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